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Feb. 2nd, 2010


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credit to romanalundar

Mar. 20th, 2009


Woe is Twilight

This feels weird to say, but I'm kinda getting to the point where I'm over Twilight.

Enough media hype already. I guess I'm just beginning to understand how big this thing has become. It's kinda scary. Hollywood needs to leave it alone already, dammit!!

And remember last year when they were shooting and you would wait everyday just to see if someone managed to get on set and take pictures of the cast, and you would read all the stories of people meeting them and watching the shooting take place. Ya, I doubt that's gonna happen.

And ten bucks Larry Carroll and mtv won't even be able to get on the set because it's gotten so huge. I mean, I'm sure he'll go for like a day, but he's the one who really got it originally and first started reported on it, and now he'll probably get a backseat to all the predominate entertainment news stations. I really hope they'll honor him and give him some good interviews, but I doubt it. Let's hope so. It's such a shame when things get big and the whole dynamic changes.

I guess I'll wait and see, but at this point, I'm not going to Borders at midnight. I doubt I'll even get it until next week (partly b/c my mom got a bootleg copy) and partly because the interest is waning. I never thought that would happen, but I guess I got jaded. Sorry, flist. I've let you down, lol.
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Feb. 1st, 2009



For all my tennis friends:

Vamos Rafa!!

I'm so glad he won. He definitely deserved it. He seems so sweet and was totally overwhelmed. He's just adorable. He's my favorite! ;)

But I felt bad for Federer. First, the whole "shouting that the ball was out by a fan" thing annoyed me. Be respectful to the players and shut your fucking mouths, people. I don't know why they didn't re-play the point. That didn't sit well with me. Very frustrating. And second, the whole crying part. I felt HORRIBLE for him. He's such an amazing player and to beat himself up like that was sad to see. I'm glad he said he'll be back. That's the Roge that we all know and love. hehe. But really, my heart just broke for him. But it was nice to see that they do seem to like and respect one another.

And the Steelers are winning, so my friend should be pretty happy. I could really care less, but it's in Tampa so we've been SWAMPED with people. I bet Disney World is crazy busy. lol.

EDIT: Wait, losing. darn.

EDIT: Steelers won. But holy crap. Controversial. lol. The tiptoes thing was amazing. But I didn't like #10's sportsmanship. Not cool. I don't like showy players. Just win quietly and with dignity. So much better.

I still think Larry Fitzgerald Jr. was the best player of that game, hands down. He's incredible and fun to watch so snaps to him on an amazing job.

Dec. 10th, 2008

canon bitches

On The Good Ship Lollipop

Spike and Angel, President Roslin and Gaius Baltar, Harry and Hermione—shippers often find pairings that the original author might have overlooked. What coupling of fictional characters would you most like to see?

Draco/Ginny for sure. They're still one of my favorite couples.


House/Wilson. They're just ten times funnier together!!


Leah/Jacob. WTF Stephenie Meyer? What was that build up about if nothing was gonna happen. FAIL.

Jun. 1st, 2008



O.M.E. One word = amazing. You all know what I'm talking about. I can't type out all what I'm thinking except that the clip was amazing. The look that he gives her like "I'm so sorry you had to go through this" and . *sigh* They are so perfect for Bella and Edward!! And James/Cam is also amazing. And they SO want each other!! Deny it all you want, but the look she gave him at the end? They are definitely falling in love with each other! 'Nuff said.


So, I will admit I've been a bad person. I watched Prince Caspian online somewhere and loved it so I dragged my mom to the theater so I could see Ben Barnes (and William and Skandar a little too, when did that boy grow up?) in all his big-screen glory and it was amazing!! I loved it!! Edmund was actually my favorite part of the whole movie. He was hilarious with the "we are talking to you" and the whole "King Edmund, but Peter is high king" scene. I think that boy has a career ahead of him. I feel slightly creepy for thinking Skandar is attractive because he was just a baby in the last one, but jeez, he got hotter. That movie was just chalk full of cute boys.
Anyways, so I recently got my mom to read Twilight and now she loves it too, as I told her she would. She kept making fun of me and I got her to read them and now she's just as bad as me. We even went yesterday and got her the Special Edition of Eclipse so now she has her own copy, lol. So they didn't show the Twilight trailer at the beginning of Caspian and I heard they were showing it before Speed Racer and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull so we decided to go in and see if we could catch it. We had no luck with Speed Racer so we went to see if they played it before Indy. Well, they didn't play it, but we had both been wanting to see Indy 4, so we decided to stay for a couple minutes and see if it was any good. We stayed the WHOLE freakin' time!! I feel like such a criminal, lol!! Indy was actually better than I thought it was going to be and I have such a thing for Shia!! We're birthday twins too, how adorable is that? jk, jk. But the best part is that there was this lady who kept theater hopping too. My mom and I were in hysterics because whenever we went into a different theater, she would eventually show up there. It was awesome!! Now I can check "sneak into a movie" off my list of things to do before I die, lol.
And I'm sure everyone has seen the MTV interview by now, how adorkable is Rob? He wears his Twilight outfit!! I don't think I can handle anymore cuteness!! And his "oh shit, that's embarrassing" expression when she busted him was so adorable!!

May. 31st, 2008


(no subject)

So I'm super excited for tom., but I can't post my reaction, because I'm sure I'll be cussing up a storm. I remember the trailer moment and I must have said "Holy shit" and "oh my fucking god" about 30 times, lol. And the video where Rob suprised Kiki? How cute was that? It was so nice that he took time out of his day to do that for a fan. Rob needs to stop being so incredible because I don't need anymore reasons to fall in love with him, lol. And he looked freaking good in those pictures. I'm not going to be able to take it tomorrow with him and Kristen together.

May. 24th, 2008



I got bored so boredom= 63 random questions about meCollapse )

May. 14th, 2008



The new L.A. Times pics are amazing. Link for anyone who hasn't seen them.
They are made of win and awesome. An unbeatable combination.

My favorite:

(ya, they want each other. j/k, j/k. But seriously, they do, lol.) and xlovelessotakux and I agree that they're having major eye-sex, lol.

May. 1st, 2008



"At one point Rob said, 'I felt like I was falling apart during that take…' and Catherine told him, 'Then go with it. Fall apart. Fall into her. You are falling so into her, just use that.' And of course the following take was flawless."

Too fricken cute.

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